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Haivision and Wowza are offering a 10% discount to get you started with low latency, reliable video streaming over the internet.

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With Haivision’s Makito X and KB Mini encoders, and Wowza Streaming Engine, you can improve your video workflow and start streaming today. Haivision and Wowza solutions use SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) so that you get the best video quality to your viewers securely and reliably over the low cost public internet.

Makito X Encoder/Decoder: Haivision’s award-winning Makito X H.264 encoder transports secure, low latency, HD video over any network at extremely low bitrates, making it ideal for live, interactive and bandwidth constrained applications.

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KB Mini Encoder/Transcoder: Haivision’s award-winning KB Mini is a portable all-in-one H.264/HEVC encoder, ideal for live event streaming from anywhere with an internet connection. It optimizes bandwidth usage without sacrificing a high-quality viewing experience.

Wowza Streaming Engine is the gold standard of customizable media server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale.

How to Get Your Discount:

  1. Get 10% off a Perpetual License for Wowza’s Streaming Engine with Promo Code: WowSRT17. To get started, Click_Here.
  2. Get 10% off Haivision’s Makito X or KB Mini encoders by completing the form on this page. Certain conditions apply*.

Terms & Conditions:
*Offer is valid until December 31, 2017. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. 
* Haivision: Offer is only valid to Wowza customers. A maximum of 5 units can be purchased at a 10% discount.
* Wowza: Offer is valid for Perpetual License. Offer must be purchased online using the promo code: WowSRT17.

10% Discount on these SRT-Enabled Solutions: